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"...The community of LiveText users across the country has been a very valuable resource for us as well as the annual collaboration conference, which serves as a venue for renewal and an introduction to LiveText for new faculty."

Dr. Dennis Pataniczek, Salisbury University

"I always get recharged when I attend a LiveText event. The size is conducive to interacting with other people and you can discover someone is moving in a new direction."

Dr. Jim Siders, The University of Alabama

"The casual networking provided is the most beneficial thing of all. Thank you LiveText for giving us yearly opportunities to connect with our peers!"

Ms. Alice Hambright, The Citadel

Thank you for celebrating our 12th Annual
Assessment & Collaboration Conference!

Thank you for attending the 2013 Assessment & Collaboration Conference. We hope that throughout the three days of programming, trainings, and collaborative events, you gained valuable insight from all of our speakers, as well as your peers. We look forward to providing you with many more opportunities throughout the year to exchange ideas and collaborate. Cheers to a successful 2013 Conference!